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Rethink Community, Family, and Individual Health, Safety, and Service

Our Online Video Lecture Series was launched on the faith that an understanding heart can make a difference, can heal, can make a change for the better at home and in the community. We invite you to return here from time-to-time to view our growing collection of video talks on one or more of these topics:

Featured Streaming Event - Saturday, May 27, 1pm
Chet Manchester, CSBMark McCurties, CSFujiko Signs, CSB
Healing Solutions to Life's

These three fifty-minute live streamed talks will focus on the role of prayer in healing and feature three members of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship: Fujiko Signs, CSB of Tokyo, Japan, Mark McCurties, CS of Chestnut Hill, MA, and Chet Manchester, CSB of King Ferry, NY. There will be a 10 minute break between each talk. Join us for one or all three of these inspiring talks. They are sponsored by the friends of the South Lake Tahoe Christian Science Church and presented in Ukiah by the Christian Science Society of Ukiah. Click here to view the poster for this event.

This live streaming event will be aired at our Society, 290 South State Street in Ukiah
Video Lecture Archive - Click on the Lecture Title to view
God and HealingRobert Gilbert CSB
Rob Gilbert CSB
Upland, CA

Rob Gilbert is a Christian Science practitioner and teacher from Upland, California. Through his years in the practice of Christian Science healing, Rob has found that prayer and a deep understanding of God are a reliable way to maintain health and experience healing. Rob has served on the Christian Science Board of Lectureship.

Prayer That WorksNorm Bleichman CS
Norman Bleichman CS
Newburyport, MA

Norm worked in Los Angeles as a writer. He began serving The Mother Church as Managing Editor of World Monitor Magazine and worked for several Church departments, including the Committee on Publication, the Clerk's Office, and the Office of the Publisher's Agent. Norm became listed as a practitioner in The Christian Science Journal in 2011 and has served on the Christian Science Board of Lectureship.

Step Out of Your Story and into HealingJon Benson CS
Jon Bemson CS
Laguna Hills, CA

Benson is a former U.S. military officer, actor and director, and managing director of a non-profit agency. For the past 20 years, he has been in the public practice of Christian Science. Jon discusses the necessity of letting go of a sense of our own personal history – our sense of ourselves as flawed mortals – to find our true spiritual identities and healing.

Readiness for HealingEvan Mehlenbacher CSB
Evan Mehlenbacher CSB
Richland, WA

Growing up in a family that practiced spiritual healing, it was natural for Evan to choose a life of helping others find spiritual answers to their everyday problems. After receiving a BA in economics from Stanford University, people started to call Evan to pray for them, and his public practice of healing through the power of prayer was born.

The healing power of unselfishnessLois Carlson CSB
Lois Carlson CSB
Chicago, IL

Lois Carlson's first healings of others were in her college years. Many of these healings were recognized by the Dean of Women who encouraged her to take her ministry seriously. Her first job out of college however was in City Hall. Despite the joy of many creative projects, she found that prayer was the key ingredient in getting anything done. After two years she left government work for the full-time healing ministry.

Spiritual discovery: How you can better the worldTom McElroy
Tom McElroy CS
Jamaica Plain, MA

Tom worked with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department as a volunteer chaplain in men’s, women’s, and youth correctional facilities, giving Christian Science services and one-on-one interviews. These experiences gave him many opportunities to rely on and prove the power of God’s laws of goodness and harmony even in the most adverse situations. Tom now devotes himself to the full-time public healing ministry of Christian Science.